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Family Portrait - Kate & Michael Bonnaud with Magic, Jackson, Makai and Riley

"We knew it would be difficult to capture the love we have for our horses and dogs in photos. Add to that a challenging location in the Santiago Regional Park and you have a challenging job for a photographer. Aaron was professional, worked quickly and effortlessly to get the location set up and then directed us and our furry family to get into several different positions. It was stress-free and enjoyable to work with Aaron. You can really see his love for nature and animals in the care he took with us. We even had such a beautiful set of proofs to review the same day which exceeded our expectations! I highly recommend Aaron to trust with your most challenging photography needs."

- Kate & Michael Bonnaud

Paige Residence - Listed 9/5/15; Sold 9/11/15

"I first became aware of Aaron's Photography from his website. The site was filled with beautiful pictures of landmarks, night and ocean scenes. I was very impressed with Aaron's eye for detail and use of lighting. When I contacted Aaron to see if he was willing to do real estate photography his response was 'I am always up something different and a challenge, when can we meet?'. I was impressed with his eagerness to try something new. Needless to say I hired Aaron to take real estate photos of my home. The photos were beautiful and I attribute the traffic to my open house and the quick sale to Aaron's photos. I will be using Aaron for all my photography needs."

-Michael Paige

*Please note: Aaron is no longer available for freelance real estate photography. Please contact Tour Factory at www.tourfactory.com to book Aaron for any real estate photography needs.

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